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Energy Healing is not a replacement for traditional medical or psychiatric care. You agree to contact medical professional as needed. I, Heather Mays, am not a medical practitioner. I do not diagnose, treat medical or psychiatric conditions nor do I prescribe medical treatment.

By purchasing sessions, you verify that you agree to these terms and that you assume responsibility for seeking medical treatment whenever necessary. You agree to hold Heather Mays harmless for your physical, emotional or behavioral conditions. No express or implied guarantee of results is made.
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I will schedule your appointments as soon as I can.  Please allow me 24 hours to do this, longer if you are purchasing on a weekend.

You'll receive one confirmation email for each appointment.  Keep these emails!  You will have the ability to reschedule any appointment using the Reschedule button within the emails.

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What's Included:

30-minute Quantum Radiance Resonance Energy Healing sessions for one person (# of sessions depends upon your selection on this page)

My session notes, delivered to you via email within one hour of the session (notes are brief and do not include a diagnosis)

A Note About Session Times:

Sessions will be conducted between 12pm EST and 7pm EST Tuesday-Thursday.

Sessions are fully remote (you and I do not meet over phone or video).  

After receiving your photo and time preferences, I'll schedule your first appointment with the first time I have available that meets your request.  Due to existing appointments on my calendar, your first appointment with me may be 1-2 weeks in the future.   Sessions will be booked monthly but you are welcome to reschedule as needed (and you can do this easily from within each appointment's confirmation email).

Scheduling for Others

Please purchase this only for yourself or a minor child. Adults (over age 18) would need to schedule their own appointment. 

 I honor universal law and value the sovereignty of each individual. I will not participate in a healing or intuitive counseling session without the consent of the participant.