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Energy Healing is not a replacement for traditional medical or psychiatric care. You agree to contact medical professional as needed. I, Heather Mays, am not a medical practitioner. I do not diagnose, treat medical or psychiatric conditions nor do I prescribe medical treatment.

By purchasing sessions, you verify that you agree to these terms and that you assume responsibility for seeking medical treatment whenever necessary. You agree to hold Heather Mays harmless for your physical, emotional or behavioral conditions. No express or implied guarantee of results is made.
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    4 sessions for one-time payment of $176$176.00
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    6 sessions for one-time payment of $264$264.00
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    8 sessions for one-time payment of $352$352.00
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    8 sessions for two monthly payments of $1762x $176.00
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    12 sessions for one-time payment of $528$528.00
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    12 sessions for 3 monthly payments of $1763x $176.00

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How Do You Connect With My Pet's Energy?
    I connect to your pet's energy through a photo. You'll submit photo(s) to me after purchase through an easy-to-use online form.
  • Can Multiple Pets Share Appointments Within the Same Package
    One appointment is for one pet, but you can use the appointments within the package for multiple pets. You will be able to let me know more details about how you would like to split the package when you submit your pets' photos through the online form after purchase.
  • Can You Ask My Pet a Question (Animal Communication) During His/Her/Their Session?
    No. Energy Healing for Pets sessions do not include Animal Communication.
  • Can I Ask a Follow-Up Question After the Appointment?
    The appointments within the package include the remote energy healing and my notes sent to you by email after each session. If you have additional questions or would like to discuss your pet's session in more detail, you will have the option to schedule an add-on Client Check-In Call for $45.
  • How Will I Receive My Portrait When It's Ready?
    When your portrait has been completed, you will receive an email from me with a link to a secure site (Dropbox) where you can download your portrait files. I am not able to send the files to you directly through email (the files are too large for most email providers). The download process is easy and the download site is secure.
  • Can You Ship a Printed Portrait to Me?
    For US customers: If you would like to purchase a signed 8"x10" print on archival fine art paper, you will find instructions for ordering that when you receive the email with your completed portrait. That is the only type of print that I offer and it can only be purchased after your portrait has been completed.
  • What is Your Refund Policy?
    All sales are final. Due to the personal and digital nature of this art, I cannot accept exchanges or grant refunds. Portraits are final upon completion. I don't make revisions or alterations.
  • Can I Pay Using Venmo, Personal Check or Another Option?
    The payment options on this form are the only ones I accept at this time.